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Our small flock of Florida Cracker Sheep are rotationally moved to graze and forage on section of pasture land, encouraging growth of desired grasses and legumes, and suppression of weeds and less desired vegetation without the use of any chemicals. The sheep are raised for meat and wool, although the wool is considered a "craft quality".

Florida Crackers developed from the sheep that the Spanish brought to the southern United States in the 1500’s. When Florida was still an open range, prior to 1949, the sheep were allowed to free range in pastures until a twice a year round up for shearing, allowing natural selection to occur within the breed. FCS have a greater resistance to internal parasites, especially in the Florida humid and hot environment. They are also able to tolerate heat and survive on low grade forages. Florida Cracker Sheep are a great fit for LBJ Farms in our efforts to fit our livestock to our land, creating a low input, sustainable system.


Do you want to learn more about the Florida Cracker Sheep breed? Visit Florida Cracker Sheep Association website here.

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