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We currently raise Large Black pigs and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, both heritage breeds. Both of these breeds are known for their ability to graze and forage in a variety of landscapes, and for their docile temperament and excellent mothering. 


Meet "Big Daddy", LBJ's current boar hog.


He is a registered Large Black pig, from the Defender blood line. The breed is native to southwestern England, originally known as the Lop Eared Black. They are large framed pigs, with mature sows weighing up to 700 pounds and boars up to 800 pounds. Their large ears fall forward over their face, which can impede their sight, but also protects their eyes while rooting and foraging. Although their black color may make them more susceptible to over heating, the black also protects their skin from burning under the hot Florida sun. 

These are two of our Gloucestershire Old Spot barrows, Scar and Spot. 

Gloucstershire Old Spot are also an English breed, known for their distinctive white coats with black spots.  Mature sows can weight up to 500 pounds, and boars up to 600 pounds. They are easy keeping on small farms due to their ability to live on pasture and agricultural by products such as windfall fruit and vegetable garden scraps, they have earned to nickname “cottage pig”.

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